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Hello, and welcome to Assphalt Acres, my lifelong dream turned reality. I’m Giulia Moretti, and I’ve been fascinated by donkeys since my childhood on a small farm where these incredible creatures were my companions, teachers, and, in many ways, my inspiration. My journey with donkeys began with a gentle soul named Jasper, a donkey who taught me about kindness, resilience, and the profound depth of connections animals and humans can share. It was through Jasper’s eyes that I first glimpsed the often overlooked intelligence and sensitivity of donkeys.

Over the years, my passion for donkeys transformed from a simple affection to a dedicated mission: to create a haven where donkeys are respected, loved, and understood. Assphalt Acres is the embodiment of that mission, a sanctuary where donkeys find refuge, care, and love, and where people can learn about these magnificent animals.

My mission with Assphalt Acres goes beyond providing a safe haven for donkeys in need. It’s about education, conservation, and advocacy. I believe that by sharing knowledge and fostering understanding, we can change the narrative around donkeys, showcasing their importance in biodiversity, their roles in human history, and their incredible personalities.

At Assphalt Acres, we’re committed to ethical breeding practices, emphasizing the health, welfare, and genetic diversity of donkeys. We also focus on rehabilitation, offering a peaceful retreat for donkeys that have faced neglect, abuse, or abandonment. Each donkey that comes through our gates has a story, and we’re dedicated to giving them a happier chapter here, in their forever home.

But our vision extends beyond the paddocks of Assphalt Acres. We’re actively involved in community outreach, educating donkey owners on proper care, nutrition, and the emotional needs of their animals. We host workshops, publish resources, and advocate for donkey welfare at local and national levels, striving to improve laws and perceptions that affect these noble animals.

Why donkeys, you might ask? Because in their gentle eyes, I see the soul of the earth—patient, enduring, and immensely wise. Donkeys embody qualities that we, as humans, aspire to: resilience, loyalty, and a quiet strength that belies their humble appearances.

As you explore Assphalt Acres, whether through our website or in person, I invite you to see donkeys as I do—not just as beasts of burden, but as creatures of beauty and significance. Join us in our mission to protect, understand, and celebrate donkeys, and discover the profound impact these animals can have on our lives and our world.

Thank you for visiting Assphalt Acres. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of donkeys everywhere.

Warmest regards,

Giulia Moretti

Sanctuary & Breeding Organization


Dedicated to donkey welfare and advocacy.

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Assphalt Acres truly cares for donkeys and provides valuable resources for donkey guardianship.
Linda M.

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