Event: 2019 The Great Celebration Mule & Donkey Show
Date: 07/11/2019
Results: Once again we travelled to Shelbyville, Tennessee, for The Great Celebration. We didn't do very well. Actually, we did absolutely horrible, but that's the donkey show world. Different judge, different day.

Here are the results for ASSphalt Acres:

AA Starburst: 3rd of 3 NMDA Yearling Jennets;
AA Victor: 2nd of 2 NMDA Yearling Geldings;
AA Cracker Jack: 3rd of 3 NMDA 2-Year-Old Jacks;
AA Mocha Blizzard: 1st of 2 NMDA 2-Year-Old Jennets;
My World Tyler: 3rd of 5 NMDA 5-Year & Older Jacks;
AA Dippin Dots: 2nd of 3 NMDA 5-Year & Older Jennets;
AA Oreo Blizzard: 4th of 4 NMDA 5-Year & Older Geldings.

This judge likes red donkeys and we did not have any red donkeys this year. But had fun anyway. We had Kellen and Jameson. And we visited all of our favorite stops: Bell Buckle Café, Granny's Fishes House, Bedford Tack Shop, and The Whistle Stop. We want to thank Jeff and Shari Clark for all their time and effort in helping us. We so appreciate it.

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