2016 Kansas Donkey Days 2016 Kansas Donkey Days
2016 Kansas Donkey Days 2016 Kansas Donkey Days

Event: 2016 Kansas Donkey Days
Date: 05/28/2016
Results: This was the third year for Kansas Donkeys Days. After receiving 30 inches of rain in the month of May, the location was changed. Still, the parking was not ideal and the stall situation was not the best either. But everyone made do and the show went on as scheduled.

We took 8 donkeys and 3 grandsons, and again, we ate at Pizza Ranch twice in 3 days. Mrs. Willoughby was more forgiving than last year's judge, so we did better in the ring. But she judges on 40% discipline and 60% conformation. This being the first show of the season, our donkeys have not yet learned their "show manners". We will work on that before we go to Tennessee.

Thanks to Debby Miller and her staff for a great show. I know it was a lot more work under the conditions. Congratulations to all the participants and winners.

Here are the ASSphalt Acres results:

AA Amayzing's Grace: 3rd of 6 NMDA Foals;
AA Double Stuf: 6th of 6 NMDA Foals;
AA Pretty in Pink: 1st of 5 NMDA Yearling Jennet;
AA Uptown Girl: 2nd of 8 2-Year-Old Jennet;
AA Miss B Haven: 4th of 8 2-Year-Old Jennet;
AA Checkers: 1st of 3 Yearling Gelding;




AA Oreo Blizzard: 2nd of 3 NMDA 3-Year-Old Jack;
Ravenwood Katie Elder: 3rd of 8 NMDA 5-Year-Old Jennet;
AA Oreo and AA Checkers: 2nd of 4 NMDA Produce of Dam;

AA Oreo Blizzard: 1st of 2 ACOSA Miniature Jack;
AA Double Stuf: 2nd of 2 ACOSA Miniature Jack;
AA Checkers: 2nd of 4 ACOSA Miniature Gelding.




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