ASSphalt Acres Streeter ASSphalt Acres Streeter
ASSphalt Acres Streeter ASSphalt Acres Streeter

Name: Sold ASSphalt Acres Streeter
Dam: West Prairie Alley (32 1/2" Gray-Dun)
Sire: Li'l Angels Flash Gordon (31 3/4" Dark Brown/White Spot)
DOB: 06/03/2019
Height: 21" @ birth
Color: Brown/White Spot
Description: I kept checking the barn cameras for foals...nothing. I had a client coming in at 10:00. I'll just check one more time. This was at 9:50. BOOM! There was a baby. I left a note on the front door...Will be back. New foal just born! So I checked on everyone and they were just fine. I had a very understanding client who did not mind that I glanced at the donkey cameras ever so often.

This guy is full of energy. He nurses A LOT! He's running and prancing around. Just the kind of stuff you can look at all day long.

Streeter will be for sale. With his great conformation and spotted coloring, he will make a great addition to anyone's farm.
Info: Streeter has been sold to Barbara Frangos from Tarpon Springs, Florida. Thank you and congrats on your first donkeys.
Price: SOLD

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