ASSphalt Acres Angus ASSphalt Acres Angus
ASSphalt Acres Angus ASSphalt Acres Angus

Name: Sold ASSphalt Acres Angus
Dam: Rolling D Derby Doll (32" Black)
Sire: FoF Panther F9F (30 1/2" Black NLP)
DOB: 08/18/2019
Gender: Jack
Height: 21" @ birth
Color: Black
Description: We woke up this morning with this guy on the camera. I had checked at 1:00 and no baby. This is Panther's first jack foal for us and he is something special. Just enough chrome to highlight the black. Smart Derby is his grandsire on his dam's side. Itsy Bitsy Front and Center is his grandsire on his sire side. On the way to church this morning, we passed by a field of Angus cows. I told Steve that was a great name for a black donkey, so Angus it is!
Info: Angus will join Streeter in Tarpon Springs , Florida in January after weaning. Thank you and congrats to Barbara Frangos on your purchases.
Price: SOLD

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