ASSphalt Acres Yin Yang ASSphalt Acres Yin Yang
ASSphalt Acres Yin Yang ASSphalt Acres Yin Yang

Name: ASSphalt Acres Yin Yang
Dam: Ravenwood Katie Elder (33 1/2" Brown)
Sire: ASSphalt Acres Oreo Blizzard (32" Black/White Spot)
DOB: 04/26/2019
Gender: Jennet
Height: 21"@ birth
Color: Dark Gray/White Spot
Description: We had just gotten home from an evening out with Steve's family. I climbed into bed and checked the donkey camera. There's Katie Elder right in the middle of birthing a foal. Steve and I rushed out to supervise and a few minutes later, this beautiful spotted jennet was born. This is one of Oreo's last foals as he has been gelded, and wow, did Oreo and Katie come through.

Yin and Yang is a principle of Chinese philosophy and culture. There's light and dark, day and night, good and evil, and yin and yang. Thanks, Spank, for the name suggestion.
Price: Not 4 Sale

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