ASSphalt Acres High Hopes ASSphalt Acres High Hopes
ASSphalt Acres High Hopes ASSphalt Acres High Hopes

Name: Sold ASSphalt Acres High Hopes
Dam: TLA Delila Goes Pink (33 1/2" Light Red)
Sire: Hill's Have Brewster (29 1/2" Dark Brown)
DOB: 08/18/2018
Gender: Jennet
Height: 20 1/2" @ birth
Color: Brown
Description: What a rough start this little jennet foal has had! She was born August 18th and her momma rejected her. Delila had not bagged up so we didn't think she was close to foaling. We didn't get to see the birth. Momma was violent towards her. Steve got Ravenwood Blossom from the other pasture to see if she would let the baby nurse. Praise God she did! We knew the baby had to have colostrum so Delila just stood there and let Steve milk her. We thought she was getting enough colostrum but not so. Bloodwork showed just a trace of antibodies, and the baby needed a blood transfusion. We thought she was doing well but our vet said her temperature was elevated 3 degrees. They found two places where momma had bit her and that was causing infection. So now the baby was on antibiotics. After a few days on the antibiotics and plenty of milk, she is now acting more like a newborn foal with those hops and jumps.

High Hopes was the No. 1 song last weekend, so that's what we have named her...ASSphalt Acres High Hopes and we are calling her Hope.

Blossom has been a wonderful surrogate mother to Hope. She deserves the "Mommy of the Year" award. We do not have any cats around at ASSphalt Acres. We have a stray show up every now and then, but nothing permanent. But there is a kitten that has shown up and has attached herself to Hope. So little Hope has already had two angels in her short life, Blossom and Fluffy, the kitty.
Info: High Hopes has been sold to Helen Borre of Adams, Wisconsin.
Price: SOLD

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