ASSphalt Acres Kit Kat ASSphalt Acres Kit Kat
ASSphalt Acres Kit Kat ASSphalt Acres Kit Kat

Name: ASSphalt Acres Kit Kat
Dam: Hill Co Mini's Sugar Baby (32 3/4" Black w/Cross)
Sire: FoF Panther F9F (30 1/2" Black w/Cross NLP)
DOB: 04/30/2018
Gender: Jennet
Height: 22 @ birth
Color: Black
Description: The latest addition to our herd is ASSphalt Acres Kit Kat. She is black and just gorgeous. Kit Kat was born while I was with a client. We all went out to watch the birthing process. He was just amazed at how quickly everything happened, and that Kit Kat was up and walking across the field in minutes. I love my black donkeys!
Info: Kit Kat is 1 1/2 yrs old now, updated pics to come. These pics are foal pics, she is more the size Black Licorice on the Future Brood Jennet page.
Price: $3000.00

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