ASSphalt Acres Kopper Kettle ASSphalt Acres Kopper Kettle
ASSphalt Acres Kopper Kettle

Name: ASSphalt Acres Kopper Kettle
Dam: Hill Co. Mini's Flaming Vixen (31 1/2" Red)
Sire: My World Santana-R-99 (31" Dark Red)
DOB: 02/01/2018
Gender: Jennet
Height: 21" @ birth
Color: Dark Red
Description: What a surprise! I go out to feed on a mild February morning and see a beautiful red foal next to Vixen. The two surprises were: thank God it was 45 degrees and not 0; and, the fact we thought Vixen did not take for 11 months with Santana, so we put her with another jack for a June baby. Kopper Kettle is named after our MHS Basketball Star Hayden Langkable. His parents own this historic restaurant in the town of Morristown. You have to admit that for a girl, Kopper Kettle sounds better than Hayden.

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ASSphalt Acres
Steve & Jill Crim
3640N 775E
Manilla, Indiana 46150
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