My World Cally A-05 My World Cally A-05
My World Cally A-05 My World Cally A-05

Name: Sold My World Cally A-05
Dam: Pine Grove Farm Truffles (31" Sorrel)
Sire: Ass-Pirin Acres Andiamo (30 1/2" Sorrel)
DOB: 05/09/2005
Gender: Jennet
Height: 32 3/4"
Color: Dark Sorrel
Description: We were looking over our herd and realized we needed to add more breeding-red sorrel jennets. Steve went on the hunt and found three jennets at My World Farm. We like these girls a lot.

We have tried to breed Cally for 2 seasons and have not got her to settle. We are selling her as a pet only with no guarantees that she will breed.
Info: Cally has been sold to David and Carrie Ramsey of Heavenly Ridge Homestead in southern Indiana. They have four young children and she is going to be spoiled! Thank you Dave and Carrie.
Price: SOLD

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