ASSphalt Acres Bonnie Fire ASSphalt Acres Bonnie Fire
ASSphalt Acres Bonnie Fire ASSphalt Acres Bonnie Fire

Name: Sold ASSphalt Acres Bonnie Fire
Dam: ASSphalt Acres Amber (31" Red)
Sire: Short ASSets Fireplug (32 1/2" Dark Red)
DOB: 01/19/2015
Gender: Jennet
Height: 30"@18 months
Color: Red
Description: The foal is the first and the last...the Alpha and the Omega. She is the very first foal born on this farm from an ASSphalt Acres jennet. And she is the last foal born on this farm out of Short ASSets Fireplug, our long-time, many-time Champion. We thought Amber was due in October. Shows what we know. Bonnie Fire was born on a 40 degree day in January. Thank you Lord!
Bonnie Fire has been sold to Herb Caillouet from Alabama.
Info: Show update: 7/7/2016 Bonnie Fire won the yearling jennet class at the Great Celebration in Shelbyville, Tennessee, and then went on to become the Reserve Junior Champion Donkey of the entire Show. Bonnie Fire has proven that she can hang with the best at a show donkey. Good job, girl!

06/10/19: AA Fireball--Dark Red Jack--Sire: My World Tyler
Price: SOLD

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