ASSphalt Acres Amayzing Grace ASSphalt Acres Amayzing Grace
ASSphalt Acres Amayzing Grace ASSphalt Acres Amayzing Grace

Name: Sold ASSphalt Acres Amayzing Grace
Dam: ASSphalt Acres ZZ's Amayzing (32" Black)
Sire: Li'l Angels Uptown Gentleman (32" Black)
DOB: 09/13/2015
Gender: Jennet
Height: 22" @ birth
Color: Black/Brown
Description: After 7 straight boys, we were blessed with this beautiful jennet foal. She was born last Sunday morning while we were at church. Her mother is ZZ's Amayzing, so I found it appropriate to name her Amayzing's Grace. Her sire is Uptown Gentleman. She is a keeper!

Grace has been sold to Jay and Debbie Hatcher of Southpoint, Ohio. Congrats and thank you on yoour first minis
Info: 2017 NMDA National Show @ The Great Celebration:

First of 13 NMDA Yearling Jennets. Way to go, Grace. Earning a first place in this very large class of yearling jennets. Great job!

ASSphalt Acres Foals:

07/27/19: AA Elite - Spotted Jennet - Sire: Flash Gordon
Price: SOLD

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