ASSphalt Acres Moonbeam ASSphalt Acres Moonbeam
ASSphalt Acres Moonbeam ASSphalt Acres Moonbeam

Name: Sold ASSphalt Acres Moonbeam
Dam: The Elms La Reine Helene (32 1/2" Black w/Cross)
Sire: Li'l Angels Uptown Gentleman (32" Black)
DOB: 9/9/14
Gender: Jennet
Height: 20 1/2" @ birth
Color: Brown
Description: We had taken Helene to our vet's for a minor foot problem on a Sunday evening. She spent the night and Dr. Hunt fixed her up. We picked her up Monday night and boy, was the moon spectacular. Clear skies, full moon...a super moon. I noticed she had started a bag, but neither Helene or her bag was very big. The next morning, Steve found her and her little Moonbeam. We thought she was black but she has been kissed by the moon with shades of red with the bay pattern on her legs. We will see what color she comes up with, but her conformation is wonderful. This is Helene's first foal and she did good!
Info: Sale Pending to Bill Freese from Noblesville, IN
Price: SOLD

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