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Wisconsin Donkey Trip 5/11/19
What a fun donkey trip we had delivering Firechief and Cinco to Dennis and Pam Carson of Wisconsin. The weather was absolutely beautiful. And those two geldings are going to be loved and spoiled rotten. I needed a weekend away from home and this fit the bill. Thanks, again, to Dennis and Pam.

A great Show Season comes to an end! 9/17/17
With the Tennessee State Fair show finished, the 2017 Show Season is over for ASSphalt Acres. It was our most successful Show Season yet, especially for Oreo Blizzard, our 2017 National Champion Jack and 2017 National Best of Breed. The Tennessee State Fair also marks the end to Oreo's great Show Career. as we are officially retiring him from the Show Ring. In the last 5 show seasons he has won 6 National Titles in NMDA and ACOSA shows. It has been a great run old buddy and God has blessed us over and over again. We want you to enjoy the life as a herdsire and just keep making those great babies.

NMDA National Champions! 7/8/17
Wow! What a show, ASSphalt Acres just attended the 2017 NMDA National Show which was held at the Celebration in Shelbyville, TN this year. ASSphalt acres Oreo Blizzard was selected as the 2017 National Champion Jack and ASSphalt Acres Amber was selected as the 2017 National Champion Jennet. Not only was these enough honors, then Oreo Blizzard was selected as the 2017 NMDA National Best of Breed. This is the ultimate prize, what every breeder strives to achieve. We give God all the honor and glory for allowing us to own this amazing animal. Oreo has been joy to show the past 5 years.
This week was also Amber's first shows since she was a yearling 6 years ago. Donkeys are so smart, she did not miss a lick and perform like the Champion that she is.
What a week!

Great start to the Show Season 6/15/17
We have attended two shows already in 2017 and have had Best of Breed in both. In Kansas Oreo Blizzard was not only NMDA Best of Breed, but also Champion ACOSA Donkey.
The following week, we took 4 of our Grandchildren to Coldwater, Michigan where ASSphalt Acres Rising Son was Best of Breed and also won the Color Class. Rising Son was shown by our 4 year old grandson Jameson, with a little help from Kyle.
Great start to the 2017 Show Season.

Prepping For Kansas 5/17/17
We have spent the past 2 weeks getting donkeys ready for the Kansas Donkey Days Show on Memorial Day Weekend. Starting with their first clipping a month ago, now we are washing, reclipping and touching up our 9 entries including 2 jacks, 5 jennets and 2 geldings. We will be joined again by our 3 grandsons that enjoy the show, but really only going for the "Pizza Ranch" experience.

2016 Show Season comes to an end 12/24/16
2016 was another very successful show season for ASSphalt Acres. We attended shows in Kansas, Michigan, 3 in Tennessee and Wisconsin. We were honored to win Best of Breed again at The Great Celebration with Firechief. Other Great Honors in 2016 were Bonniefire winning Reserve Jr. Champion at the same show and Checkers winning Jr. champion in Kansas. Oreo Blizzard was also Chosen as The ACOSA National High Point Jack for 2016.

Western Swing 4/25/16
We just returned home from a very nice mini vacation to Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kansas. We were joined by Jerry and Susie Patterson as we both had purchased donkeys from some of our "Donkey Friends" from those states. Thank you to Coyote Run, Ass9 and Millers Meadows for you hospitality. It was also good to see Kenny and Missi Webb from Lil Rascals.

Flying Off The Shelf 01/20/2016 1/21/16
Where are they all going? We have sold or delivered 21 donkeys between December 1st and January 15th. Actually they are going everywhere. We have sold 13 to Canada in the past year. We have sold more than ever just here at home in Indiana. We have sold 2 jennets to a Farm in the Netherlands, they should arrive there next week after being quarantined in Texas. Hopefully this means the market has picked up again.

LBJ & Cimarron Go to New Home 9/1/15
We delivered LBJ & Cimarron to their new home this past Saturday in Granger, Indiana. This is way up north by Elkhart. They seemed to be enjoying their new surroundings although it was raining. They also have a new horse buddy to get to know. I know these boys will be well and truly spoiled.

Thanks to Patti Fisher and friends at The Roost!

2015 Wisconsin State Fair 8/7/15
Getting ready to head north to the Wisconsin State Fair. Excited to see some fellow donkey friends that we haven't see in a year. This is our second year to go to the fair in West Allis. Should be easier as we now know the lay of the land. Looking forward to the Cinammon Rolls and Cream Puffs!!!!

ASSphalt Acres Patches 2/11/15
Frontier Legends Mollie K delivered a spotted jack foal on September 18th,2012. He is Flash's first spotted foal and he looks great! We have been listening to 70's on Sirius. The song Patches was played and thought it would be a great name for a spotted donkey.

Donkey Deals 10/4/14
We delivered 5 donkeys (Harmony, Melody, Marmalade, Ms. Marvel and Scottie) to J&M Farm in Kentucky yesterday. Thanks, Jacqueline, for your purchases!

Today, the Macey Family from Michigan picked up Mistah Hollywood and Red Ranger. They are going to love these guys. They are their very first donkeys.

Two jennets are being picked up today that have been bred to Uptown Gentleman. I know these babies will be awesome.

Life is good!

2014 NMDA National Show - Kansas Donkey Days 5/26/14
We are back home from the National Show in Hutchinson, Kansas. Had fun meeting up with "donkey friends" we had not seen in a while. Our 3 oldest grandsons, Kameron, Kyle and Kellen, helped us show. Thanks, guys!

Kansas Donkey Days 5/21/14
Getting ready for the Kansas Donkey Days. Can't wait to see our "donkey friends" there. It's going to be a fun time and the oldest grandsons are going, too. Woohoo!

New York Weekend 9/23/13
We have returned from our New York weekend where we delivered donkeys, purchased donkeys, and visited Niagara Falls with 4 of our 5 grandchildren. We drove 1840 miles in 2 1/2 days, but boy, did we have fun!

Goodbye to Sofi and Hercules 9/19/13
We met Jacqueline Brown of J&M Farms to deliver Ravenwood Sofi and Rearview's Hercules. The reaction to Hercules is always the same..."I can't believe he's so little." I know they will both have a great home there. We also picked up two jennets to deliver to the Niagra Falls area this weekend to Christine Brown. Donkey Trip with 4 grandkids in tow. Praying for good weather!

Li'l. Angels Candy Kisses and AA Patriot Star 9/3/13
Candy Kisses and Patriot Star headed to Port Byron, Illinois, to their new home at Li'l Angels. Thanks to Jerry and Susie Patterson and Jill and Walt Coussens for making sure they arrived safely.

The Great Celebration Mule & Donkey Show 7/13/13
What a great time we had. It was was tiring...but we had a great time. Winning doesn't hurt either. Oreo Blizzard was Junior Champion, Tyger was Champion Gelding, and Classic was Champion Jennet and was also named Best of Breed. This was the NMDA national show for 2013 See the Show Results Page for pictures and complete results for ASSphalt Acres.

New Foal! 6/25/13
Finally, after a month's wait, we have a baby foal. It's a black jack out of Vixen and Mojo. We bought Vixen already bred. This baby was born on my dad's birthday, so we are naming him Bobby Lee after him. Happy Birthday, Dad!

Last Show of the Year 10/22/12
We attended the 2012 North Carolina State Fair NMDA show. We were very dissappointed in the number of miniature donkeys that were entered. There were only 17. We had 6 and Ravenwood had 3. And this was an NMDA sponsored show. It was a ten-hour drive one way and the entry fees were $302. I do not think we will go back to this for a while.

Labor Day Weekend - Day Three 9/3/12
After breakfast at Cracker Barrel, we headed to Shelburn, Indiana, to deliver Allure and Sonic. They were purchased at the Auction on Saturday by Alan and Dawn Drake. Fun times with all 4 grandkids this time!

Labor Day Weekend - Day Two 9/3/12
After church and lunch, we headed out along with Kellen and Brooklyn to deliver Chablis, Lady M and Prints Charming to their new home in New Carlisle, Indiana. Now they are reunited with Blondie and Avenger. We know they will have good lives with Ivan and Michele.

Labor Day Weekend - Day One 9/1/12
We took the three grandsons to the September edition of the Little Dude Expo. Had a fun time at the auction. YUUUUP! We were able to sell Allure and her foal, Sonic. Then we delivered Cassidy to Sue and Stephen Shaver of Springville, Indiana. Cassidy will be a companion to their very large standard donkey, Angel.

Great American Miniature Donkey Sale 7/28/12
Wow! What a great day! The GAMDS was a huge success. Our two girls, Reeces Pieces and Haven were purchased by Arcadian Exotics of Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania. We were able to bring to their new home at ASSphalt Acres these three jennets: KKR Racine, a dark brown and white spotted bred jennet; Hill Country Mini's Sugar Baby, a black w/cross yearling jennet; and Hill Country Minis Solara, a red yearling jennet. We are hoping to add the last two to our show string and can't wait to see Racine foal in March.

It was great to see our good donkey friends and to make some new ones. Thanks to Dowel and Marth Howard for hosting this show.

Great American Miniature Donkey Sale 7/27/12
Heading to the Great American Miniature Donkey Sale in Lebanon, Ohio, today. ASSphalt Acres Reeces Pieces and ASSphalt Acres Haven are consigned to the sale. They are two beautiful, dark sorrel jennets. It's always a fun time at the sale seeing donkey friends from all over.

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