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Welcome to ASSphalt Acres and the wonderful world of small Miniature Donkeys. We raise miniatures that are registered with the American Donkey and Mule Society (ADMS). All of our small donkeys are imprinted at birth and get the best of care. They each have different personalities, but they all love human attention and we love giving it to them. How did it all start? My father and youngest son, Spank, liked to tease each other by calling the other "Jackass". (My dad had a name for everyone.) Then they started calling my mother "Jenny". Dad intended to rent a small mini donkey for Spank's 21st birthday and to put it in our front yard. But due to his failing health, he was unable to do so. Dad passed away in March of 2002, but I continued to talk about buying a donkey, and Spank finally dared me to do it. You all know what that means. I visited Ravenwood Farm near Hartsville, Indiana, that May. Susie Patterson took me into a pen of about 20 minis. They immediately swarmed me begging for love and wanting a mini donkey hug. Susie told me the story of the Donkey's Cross, and I was hooked. I went home and told Jill that I wanted to buy 2 miniature donkeys. She told me I was crazy. We took a donkey trip that Memorial Day weekend. Our first visit was to J & E Farms where we purchased our first two donkeys, a jennet and a one-day-old foal. I was very, very busy getting everything ready for their arrival. Our first mini donkeys, Barbara and Rena came to ASSphalt Acres in July of 2002. Originally, these donkeys were to be pets for our grandson, Kameron, but as several breeders have told us, minis are contagious. Now, several years later, we usually range from 50 - 60 miniature donkeys in our herd. Our farm name comes from Steve's family business. His asphalt business can be found at and is listed on our Favorite Links page. We could not pass up the chance to use the word 'Ass' in our farm name. Our main goal at ASSphalt Acres is to produce quality healthy, happy donkeys. We worm and vaccinate our donkeys according to veterinary recommendations, and our donkeys' feet are trimmed by Steve every three to four months. He has gotten pretty good at it and has even come to enjoy it! We have been fortunate to add donkeys to our herd from many different, very good bloodlines. These donkeys have come all the way from Canada to Texas and from New Hampshire to Montana. We pride ourselves on the quality of conformation of our herd and the on the diversity of colors, too. We carry all colors of donkeys including spotted, sorrel, dark brown, black and the classic gray. We want everyone to be able to afford a mini, so we have donkeys in all price ranges. We have been fortunate to have sold donkeys to people in 31 different states including Hawaii and now the countries of the Netherlands and France, too. Who could have known what a difference these creatures have made in our lives...the people we have met from all over the world...the places we have been...the things we have learned. It has all been an amazing adventure that we hope will continue for a long, long time.

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